Your code brought down the servers, you accidentally deleted the database, your change made the company lose thousand of dollars, what do you do? Join us for Arzumy MD’s (Fave’s CTO) monthly talk series where he will share insights and advice to be the best (and most updated) version of yourself.

Arzumy MD is a prolific CTO with over 14 years of experience. He has led engineering teams in a wide area of industries from 020, Fitness, Fintech, e-Commerce, Digital Media and Mobile Communication. His strength is in building world-class engineering teams with amazing company culture, and he loves making great products!

This talk series is suitable for any software engineer and junior developers especially, who are building their careers. However, the conversations are pretty jargon-free so all are welcomed to join!

Interested? Join us for the first session on 16th December 2020, Wednesday, at 5pm (GMT+8).

Simply fill up the Google form below and you are good to go!

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