Mooncakes, in all their sweet, lush, and decadent glory have been in tradition and culture for generations.

Olden lore has it that in ancient times, there were 10 suns which scorched the land. A brave hero, Hou Yi shot down 9 of the suns and was rewarded by the Queen of Heaven with a powerful elixir. He then brought the elixir home to his wife, Chang E. The elixir would ascend its drinker to heaven to become a deity. Chang E drank the elixir to save herself from Hou Yi’s rival, Peng Meng, who sought to steal the elixir for himself. The moment she drank it, she flew up into the sky towards the moon and transformed into a goddess. Consequently, in grieving Chang E, Hou Yi would leave food she liked on the altar as a sacrifice for her. Since then, the custom of sacrificing to the moon has become a tradition among folk, even to this day!

Mooncakes are the hallmark delicacy of the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated by many. We know you’ve got a hankering for these delightful pastries, so we compiled a list of some sweet treats to give you your fix! Commemorate the festive season with some sweet-tooth-appeasing, palate-pleasing desserts!

      1. Baked mooncakes

If you favour the scrumptious traditional mooncakes, look no further than these baked mooncakes from Milky Way Food Industries. Take your picks from flavourful classic favourites like lotus, black sesame, red beans, durian, and more. The rich pastries are sure to get you in the festive mood!

      2. Ice cream mooncakes

Fusing timeless tradition and creative contemporary concepts, Frozen offers dessert enthusiasts ice cream mooncakes. The tempting confectioneries come in pastel coloured, almost-too-good-to-eat round shapes. Sweet tooths are in for a treat as these delectable delights combine the concept of cake and ice cream in one sweet course.

      3. Bubble tea mooncakes

Bubble tea fanatics, put your boba cravings to rest with a new kind of mooncake! A mooncake to tickle your fancy, Tealive crafts a celebratory pastry for the auspicious season, with brown sugar lava that oozes from its soft centre. These mooncakes are both traditional treats and modern masterpieces!

      4. Mille crepe mooncakes

A fusion of both French and Chinese cuisine, this decadent mille crepe mooncake is sure to intrigue taste buds! Vanilla The Mille Crepe Cafe dishes out brightly-hued desserts with soft snowy skin and a flavourful mille crepe middle. With a 2-in-1 dessert, get double the delight!

      5. Snowskin mooncakes

Sink your teeth into soft, sweet snowskin mooncakes to gratify those pesky cravings. These tiny temptresses from DTW Bakery are created to look like bright fruits such as peaches and apples. Eating healthy never tasted so indulgent!

Pay homage to the moon and good harvest with luscious food and warm conversation with loved ones in celebration of the festival.

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